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3 frrday, february 1st, 2013 3 3 it's our ree-bru-ary giveaway! giveaway!everyday in feeruary we're givinggaway 100- dollarss an hour. right now... the pot
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dollars. 3 óóóóóó you have 30 3 minutes to call us aa thh number on youu screen. pcceen.if you don't call in.. your prize rolls over intoothe wwn!to get your name in the box.. go to facebook dot com out can also o &pthere to read complete cootest 33 3
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3 & 3 witt the super 33 wwth the supeerbowl - juut 2 dayssaway pollce say phey are already planning to beef up security. 3 baltimore police are bringing in extra offfcers, --3 camera mooitors and administrative staff n areas like canton, fflls point and federal hill. there will also be a number of
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3 starting at alf-timm. 3 p it's our final purple friday of the year, so how are you preearing forrgame day? fulll stocked for this weekeed, but with he home -3 team in thh big gaae, how are phey prepariin this time? 3 oel d. mith isslive at 3 big the appetite is for super bowl munchies this year.. &p good morning joel d. d. 3
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3 3 bbeonce is finally speaking out about alllgations she lippsynched the national anthem... at president obama'' inauguration ceremony.on thursday.... shh proved she can ing.... during a pree
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connerence."o'er the land of the ree... and he home of thh brave." brave." 3 beyonce says... there's a good reason she chose nottto sing 3 3 "due ttothe weather, due to 3 comforrable taking a risk. ii was about the ppesident and to make him aad my country proud, so i decided to sing along with my pre-recorded trcck""- information about he sse'd be joined y destiny'' wwuldd't cooment.but whhchever -&pit ends up beingg.. beyonce
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3 dams have bbennopened -3 to relieveepressure on the swollen patuxent rrver. 3 after wednessay's ssorm....ooficialss n laurel maryland declared a ccvil emergency aftee 6-iiches of raii fell in the area. pthe patuxeettriver is 8-feet pigher than normal. the storm eeen tookk he life -3 of a homeless woman. thh flood 3 change could be cooing... to this state'' speed camera prograa. prooosed this weekk n camera citaaiios to be isssed... wittouttthe approval of a law ennorrement officer. enforremmnt o sign off on the tickets.... whethee thee re a 3 (11:00:10) "the police officers aren't trained technicians and technology people. they should be out on the street so lees putttraiied technical exxerts onnthe job." (53:24) (averrlla) "we pelleev that removing thh - police offfcer reviiwiig componeet wwuld bring ess inteerity lesss
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3ovvrsiiht." -3 oversight." 3the proposed legislation is eepected to be debaaed in annapolissnext month. & 3 coming up oo the early edition... should drunk drivers be allowed to stay on & pte road. find out the leggl loopholee that ssme lawmakers
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3 ((ad lb mettorooogist))
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3 ((traffic reeorter , 3 ad libs))
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3 mmap green liberty 40 map -3 3 3 3
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3 coming uu... 3 18 points on his drivers licenne. fiid out how one man is still able to drive on the roaa.... ááegallyá. and what lawmakers áaren'tá doing to change it. heeravens hhve changed their praccice plans... why they mmvee venues --3 after one ddy on the fieed... ((break 2))
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3 parlierrttis month, joy lepola reporrtd on a ddiver who desppte having 18 points oo his recordd. still hhs a valid license.sincc then... joy uncovered something just as troubling... laws giving breakssto runk drivers... that the average driver doesnt' get.she has more in &pour cover story... 18 poinns. poonts. 3 this issthomas rren duuking behiid hii attorney whhie leaving district court ii baltimore countt.on this rriny morring... he wassin court on - three
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traffic violatiins.nat of hand in camerai tried to on hissliiense. nat of oy's -3 question nat of atty saying he's not hidingneiiherrgreen nor his lawyer was nterested simple traffic violations wouldn't usually catch our attention.but thhoas green has -3 been innthe news feeruary 2012... green plead guilty to causing life threatening njurres while uuder the influenne and pailing to stop afterhe hit two johns hopkins students 3 didn't do anything wrong aacar just rammed inno them, then drove away in maryllnd.. 12 points inntwo eaar means you 3 when green was convicted... it put hhi over that threshold. but since it was a drunk drrving convictiinn.. it didn't autooatically mean his picenss would be revoked. instead he received a 3 year susppnded sentence and probation and the ourt ordered him to take part in theessate's ignition interlock program. tte interlock system allows ou to bloo into a breattalyyer that's connected to the car'' ignition system. violatesstheecar won't starr 33 driviiga even if they were vehicle under the grren's case... in just one month... his nterlock system & logged eight instannes here he trred to startt he car but failed the breath teet.... registerinn aboveethe state's & led to a violation of probation charge. oy/reporttr) 7:03 he had 8 violations (butt (madd/rep/sayss uh huh. we -3 reviewed the ccse withhlisa spicknall from mothers against drunk drivers.she advocated for maryyand's ignition interlook law.(madd/rep) 7:48 some of his rradings a point 1-5 oint 1-2-9 hey'rr not ppint oh-8 , point oh-6 poont oh 5. they're not ery low reaaings.(madd/rep) 8806 it working. sinne his drunk has added speeding convictionn &to is record... adding another 44points... bringing the total tt 18.remember... 12 3 people to lose their license. thheeeareestill 7 ore pending traffic hooardd -33and baltimore counties.none of 3 influence.. buu they could add even more points agaiist hhs license if hees convicted. (madd/rrp) 6:09 the interlock is ooking uufortunntelyyhe's just seemingly playing the systee. but that's how the
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& the mottr vehicle administratiin and asked.... & why green still has aavalid licenss. (mva) 28:57 you're always gonna haae individuals we ry to set up some sort of to do so. itt' not as if the m- vva hasn'' tried to get green aad rrvokk his licenseea juuge suspended once.. for thiity daysa& ann that's when he &pgoo those seven outstanding tickets.despite thatahis licenne was the thirty ays. (mva))30::8 that person has -3 can request to go in ann have that hearing.for lawmakkrr involved in the interrock 3 trouuling case.((el) that peems to go totally against the spirit of the aw and maybe ttat's look at heee. thomas ggeen remains n thh &prrad.. with a valid maryland -p'sseoyepa.
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3 somebody has collectte the 3- &&phunnded dolllr prize in our free--ruary giveaway. giveaway. ii just a couule of minutes.... ww'll be picking another lucky person who can win 100 ollars.
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3 and nee at 6... some popular coll mediciness.. are being pulled offfshelvee.which 3 ((break 3))
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3 & 3 coming up in ur 6o'clock hour... -3 3a new study... might llave
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some i-phone users upset.whht month... that thee smart ppone ussrs are not.
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